Prom Style Guide: Make Your Prom Night Stunning

Prom is an amazing part of life for girls and how to dress at the party is really important. All of us want to know out prom style and shop our own and unique fashion prom dresses, One of the most important step is to find the prom dress for your own body type. There are different body types and each type is best suited for different types of clothing. After you reading the article. I hope it can bring you some prom inspiration.

The fist body type is apple. This body type is “top heavy.” Apple bodies have a wide torso including a full bust, waist and upper back. They also have broad shoulders. They may have slim arms, legs, and hips. Weight gain will normally go towards the waist line. In general, the upper body is noticeably larger compared to the lower body. Empire fashion prom dresses are ideal for an apple body because the material that flows out from the high waistline provides coverage for the stomach. Also, if you’re determined to wear an embellished dress, choose one that isolates decorative details to the bustline only; once again, drawing the eye up is important. PDQ fashion prom dresses have various styles for girls with apple type.

Pear body type is the opposite style of apple. It is the common body type. Pear bodies are noticeably smaller on top than they are on bottom. Weight gain will normally go to the hips and thighs, therefore pear bodies will appear larger in this area. This body type may have a slender neck with narrow shoulders. If you are with this body type, you can wear strapless dresses with a-line silhouette to enhance your upper body. If it’s possible to have a multicolored palette, consider wearing darker colors on your bottom half because such hues will mitigate the wideness of that region. Fashion prom dresses online with strapless and a-line style are with hundreds of styles, you can choose the one according your likes.

Are you the body types i introduced above? Now, you will not wondering the styles for your body type, Start your prom shopping now, if you want to see some products details, you can click here to follow the style.

PDQ Empire Prom Dress with Jeweled Neckline

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